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The "In-progress" tag is meant to be a temporary label. It's for articles that have enough content to be published but will be added to in the future. Eventually, I hope for the list of articles in this tag to reach zero. List of articles that have held the tag below:

Article Title + Link Initial Publish Date Date Completed
Wheel of Time part 1: Books 1 to 3 20/9/21 28/2/22
2020 Oscar Best Picture Nominees Ranked 2/10/21 WIP
Dune part 2: Should you read the books? Reviews of Dune 1-3 4/10/21 3/2/22
General Study Hacks 9/10/21 WIP
Sci-Fi Short Stories part 1: Ted Chiang's two collections 21/10/21 16/1/22
Wheel of Time pt 3: Books 4 to 6 18/4/22 30/5/22
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